Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Daryas Playhouse Project - Tiling The Roof

A long overdue post because as of today this house of hers had gone to playhouse heaven. RIP playhouse.

Her house collapsed and took up space in this tiny pigeon hole house. With a newbie at home, we have to keep shifting and rearranging furniture and stuff every bloody day.  

Imagine a game of Tetris. 

*sigh of frustration*

So here we go. 

Weapon of choice:
Used pizza boxes
the glue gun that unfortunately almost electrocute me
...that leads me to using the normal glue
leftover felts


First we draw half a circle all over the pizza box. I guided her to draw the semi circles. After that, it bought me a bit of time tending to her brother while she's busy coloring them. 

Was trying to glue-gun the semi circles onto the roof when the glue-gun made a tiny pop sound and blew up on me. Gave me a shocker there ok! My palm was slightly blackened by the tiny commotion. Thank god I told the kid to stay far away whenever I am dealing with dangerous materials/equipment. 


We ended up using the white glue. Works the same.


The kid wanted to put her name down on her house. Made her spell out her name as I cut the alphabets using the left-over felts. 

So there you go, we save hundreds of dollars from purchasing a real playhouse that will one day be given or thrown away.  At least the pocket won't hurt much. *snicker*


Our dearly departed playhouse was thrashed and thrown about in the house well. You served the kid well. We bid thee goodbye. 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Ammar Rafael Turns 4

Sunday, 19 July 2015

The 6

Midnight rolled in. It's our 6th year wedding anniversary but the both of us are tasked with a mission to settle the kids down. As usual, the big kid and her night terror and the boy with his antics, happens whenever they crossed over bed time, happens when they are overdrive. 2 screaming kids at midnight,  after a 12 hour Eidul Fitri house visitation, lack of sleep the past few days; obviously both of us snapped at the kids.

With all that tears and screaming, I am sure one of my neighbors are dialing the police up and reporting us on a suspicious child abuse situation next door.

I am down with 2 days left before work. I lack the rest. My body is aching. My head is throbbing from trying my best from losing my mind. I think i overused the word 'tired'.  I don't know what I'm feeling right now. What sucks more is that I can't immediately go to sleep after the kids sleep. I feel my entire system being drained out.

6 years of marriage. 2 kids later.  Slow claps. 

We survive ey?

...and oh, selamat hari raya minal aidil minalfaizin from us all. 


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Farewell 16 Weeks


Mother of gasp! July already!? I got less than a month before I hit back to work. Like hellooo in 2 weeks 2 days time!? When I am at home tending to the kids as well as managing the home affairs, I lost track of time and days. I felt time move so fast! I am so not looking forward yet at the same time, I miss dressing up looking more like a proper human being. Right now, i seriously look like a cross breed between a homeless person and the Goblin King from Labyrinth. 







sg50 babies roll out!

I must admit, I feel very guilty for not taking the firstborn out as much during her school holidays. On top of the super humid weather which is a killer, I ended up bailing out on outings with the kids one too many times. In fact, there was not much family activity going on as a whole during this 16 weeks. Husband had high fever during his paternity leave then he had to leave the country twice for 3 weeks, and then he was busy with the SEA Games, fell sick again after that and now it's Ramadan sooo...was really hoping for some family time though. 

So pretty much solo parenting duty going on. I tried my bestest to fill the boredom with activities for the kid. There were a lot of cycling going on. Mostly hanging outs at my fellow "on maternity leave" buddy's place. Hunting for playgrounds in Bedok. There were some experimental cooking and bakings going on. Of course, the art and craft projects on days where the sun suck the hell out of my human juice. We managed to swing by the west side to pay a visit to little miss sofiyyah. 

Of course I will miss being a full time mom for these 16 (+2 weeks worth of laying down mc) weeks. I will miss sending the firstborn to school and picking her up. I will miss waking up in my own slow pace (instead of rushing out to catch the train to work) and sniffing the little dude's fat rolls. I will miss the madness. I will miss having my kids around me.

...but i also miss my sanity hahaha.

Anyhoos,  seriously I assumed I could manage. That was of course before I gave birth to little human number two. I even over confidently thought I could take both of them out of the country on my own. Who am I kidding. Nope, no siree. I don't know how i'll cope if my mom wasn't around to help out. But i try to challenge myself sometimes because afterall I am the mother to the kids, I will have to try solo duty sooner or later. Sooner came indeed. I told her to take a break for a week before the Ramadan period visits. 

Don't ask how I manage. It's more of a do and you better not die Erda. I survive.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Ammar Rafael Turns 3 Months

...and this only means i have less than a month to go before i head back to my daily routine of pushing and jostling humans in the train *cries tears of blood*