Sunday, 23 November 2014

Know Your Enemy Says Rage

My arch nemesis, we meet again. They tend to multiply when you ignore them. Just like gremlins.

I used to hide them somewhere. Piled them up so high, cover them up. Nowadays, I clear them as soon as the laundry is done.

Yet, its still one of my most hated chores to do. In the top list. You can ask me to clean the house, scrub the toilet, anything but folding them clothes! Naaaiiii. 

Music accompanies me during my antsy pantsy mode.

Rage against the laundry.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Of Flying People, Farewells & Adapting to Playing Single Mom

*xx's angels serenading in the background*

The blue moody feeling sinking in. It reminded me of my younger days when my dad was outstation or working night shift. I will be hit by this oh too familiar funk. I hate that feeling.

I remembered my mom would be feeling low and we kids got affected by her mood. 

I do hope I won't pass that moody feeling to the little miss. So that explains why despite me not well or down or whatever negative feeling i had, I had to brush those away and take her out or occupy her with activities.

But right now, oh right now, I have zero mood. i am still laying on the floor, curled up, letting the funk take over me.

I am supposed to go to this event called Lah Tahzan, Don't Be Sad at a mosque in Redhill. How apt yet how contradicting i'm moping on the floor right now.

Well, I better shake off this low mood and take the little miss out for a walk around the neighborhood.

It's ok, I will be alright. The first few nights will suck. 

In the meantime, I will go out dressed like the husband in his tshirt and jeans bahahaahah

Friday, 21 November 2014

"Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Too Many To Be Done, So Little Time!"

...says the white rabbit to alice.

Please imagine me exhaling depressively here please. So many to be done. The Husband is flying off for a month tomorrow. I am rushed for time.

We are not moving yet, but we need to reshuffle a couple of things at home. The bed bugs have set off a red alert warning for me. I took this an opportunity to do a major overhaul on the entire house. The house is getting too squeezy and crampy. We have a total of 5 adults and 1 child in that super tight 3 room unit! (Go figure how we rotate who sleeps on the sofa, camped in the living room and gets the bedroom).

As always, I spreadsheet my life down for easier reference. 

There are so many events going on this month including the little miss' school orientation come end month, all through early 2nd week of December. Good thing is I will get so occupied I won't notice The Husband is not around. 

Bad thing is I have to cope and deal with all of these on my own. *cries* I hope I won't make a booboo like I did when choosing the unit for the new house. *cries louder*

Oh my god. I am tired just thinking about all these.
*curls up in fetal position*

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Darya Is A Shark Week!

Because I was bored and I believe I am more productive when The Husband is away. I seem to have lots of plans and ideas brewing when I am on solo duty. 

This shark-face was done months back. Notice the swollen gum on the Little Miss. Ah that was before she had to go for her tooth extraction.

So one fine day, this girl wanted me to make her a shark. I was on a hunt for boxes for her doll house project (which had to be put on hold because of the lack of materials. There seemed to be some underground movement in our Bedok/Chai Chee neighborhood who seems to be controlling the recycled boxes/used boxes. I was once being told off by a box lady who said 'OI! YOU DON'T ANYHOW TAKE AR! BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!' while I was rummaging through the dustbin compartment (yes i look like a badass scavenger doing that) *i make sad face* So the search for huge boxes seem futile for now. I made do with whatever tiny box I could find. 

in her vegan shark mode because according to her, she's munching on the grass.

First, I roughly sketch on the box. I used a flap box in order to create the movement of the 'jaw'. So estimate how the jaw should snap when it opens and closes its jaw. I should have drawn the shark's teeth a little bigger though because I had a hard time trying to cut them up. *cries and whines on the box cuts on my fingers*

The little miss did her part by coloring the teeth and making the shark sparkles like the vampires in 'Twilight' with her gold crayon, topless no less.

Voila. The sparkling shark!

I have also created tiny fishes and marked with alphabets on the bodies. (picture not shown here) and then start throwing into the shark's mouth. 

Another way to teach her the ABCs!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The First Singapore F1 GP!

Since the Singapore GP kicked off back in 2008, I had been to the event four times (including this year's) before I got bored. I was there only for the concerts and the other activities surrounding the park. (I even waddled to see the race a night before I popped the little miss out of my belly) The race doesn't really excites me anymore. I normally doze off like an old lady when the race starts. Seeing the racing cars going round and round kinda put me in a hypnotic state. 

Ha ha. 

Umi, noisy lah!

So this year, I decided to bring along my little miss to have a taste of it. 

a very excited child.  

*drum rolls* Here, I bring you forth tips before heading for Singapore Grand Prix with your hyper wee one.

1. Stuff yourself up first before going for the event. 
Things can be pretty expensive and items are being marked up inside (unless of course you are ok with splurging away your money. I know I once did because these events without fail got me all excited and I will happily dig a deeper hole in my pockets) Since I don't plan to move around much from where I am seated (HA HA HA!) and don't intend to bust my budget for the month, I made sure we had our early dinner outside before heading for the event.

2. Pack light, if possible.
BUT since I am with a 'still not toilet trained child', I had to pack the diaper necessities. 

3. Pack your own snacks and drinks (and don't get caught!)
I know, i know. I am not supposed to. It's not allowed. I stashed snacks and a small bottle of juice BUT declared them though AND they were not confiscated. The power of honesty. YEY ME! I guess they also understood that I am with a kid lah.

4. Dress light.
I should have put on berms for the kid instead so she was drenched with sweat by end of the day. I was in my hijab, but I made sure I wasn't heavily dressed. My outfit was pretty 'airy and easy breezy' (thank you harem pants and loose flowing chiffon top).

5. Expect the child to be bored.
She got bored after awhile. So I had to entertain her up and down the stairs and along the seats. Yes, my calves are pretty much toned right now. I let her loose and she run wild at a small field nearby in between the race as well. 

umi, why is the car going round and round and round and round and round

6. Protect their ears.
Noisy? Not safe for the kids' ears? Don't fret! Peltor Junior Earmuff to the rescue! I purchased this before the Taking Back Sunday's gig earlier this year. They do provide ear plugs though. I am a kiasu mom, I made her wear the earmuffs. Please anticipate that your child will speak very loudly because she thinks she's talking in her normal voice.

Ears are safely protected by 3M Peltor Junior.

Thank god the nearest exit was near the nearest train station as well. I do not have to beat the crowd with an already tired child by the end of the race. 

Overall an awesome experience for her.

Trip down to Singapore F1 GP unlocked.