Tuesday, 2 September 2014

#PositivityChallenge: Day 1

I was nominated by a dear old friend Alia My Sister Goth! on Facebook to do a 5-Day Positivity Challenge.

I have to name 3 things that i am thankful for 5 days. I am doing it here because I feel i don't want to share on Facebook hahahaha. Blame the sudden introvertness in me. 

1. I am thankful and glad to be given another day for more tests and challenges coming my way. I am gratified for my mother (even though we are at loggerheads at times, i manage to put on deaf ears on things said and clamp down from spewing the unnecessaries) for taking care of Drama wholeheartedly. I am thankful and glad that i was given the opportunity to take you to places. I know i never say this often but that is my way of saying i love you and i appreciate you.

nenek and darya in KL 2012 & nenek and darya in Perth 2012

batam tripping 2013
3 generations. Bali, 2014

I am forever indebted to HIM to be married to the most understanding, patience and proactive husband ever in the whole wide universe nobody can challenge. I should do my part and make him a better husband soon by covering myself up. Insya'allah. 

2. I am thankful that I have not gotten into any meltdowns for the past 1 year. Yey me. I think I am at peace MOST of the time. I manage to steer away from my monster of an ugly temper and get distracted. I try to see the good in situations and others. I try to avoid those who have hurt me and I try to make peace with myself. I am learning forgive AND forget. Forgiving is easy, it's the forgetting part that sucks. I am trying my best to watch what i say even in the midst of anger. A personal jihad for me. I may not be going to gym as religiously as I used to but I am now catching up with my personal conversations with HIM over lunch. And i think that is better than going to gym. Building up my faith and my inner strength. =) (I make up the gym sessions with my own workouts at home together with the little miss nowadays)

well yah yah not going to gym yah yah but check out my deltoids yah yah!

3. Without coming off as proud or even showing off, i have to really add this. I am really pleased and thankful to HIM that I was given the financial woes back in my younger days. The black days of my life as I would have called it. I was left to fend for myself and my brother and had to pay debts after huge ball of debts. It was mentally draining. We lived in hunger and darkness but we survived.  It really has opened up my eyes and be more prudent with my money now. I am more frugal with things. I don't splurge on things unnecessarily. The most i splurge on is my travelings and on my girl. I am forever thankful ya Allah!

i spreadsheeted my life.

...to be continued!

Friday, 15 August 2014

I Want To Ride My Bicycle, I Want To Ride My Biiiiike!


As much as i love running, i cannot run as i used to, due to my ACL surgery. It will be uncomfortable if i do more than a 5k run. Gone were the days where I used to run 10k on alternate days as 'warm up'.   CEH CEH CEH show off eh! Hahahah but seriously i miss running and having that feeling of freedom.

do not like to be inactive for long.  So i picked up cycling. 

The Drama was pretty reluctant to be on a wicker seat strapped on the bicycle. After much persuasion, we managed to cycle far out till East Coast Beach. That itself was an accomplishment for me because I used to run from home to East Coast and back clocking roughly 18km to and fro.

It has been a year of awesome cycling with the Drama. We have been peddling out everywhere. Even to get groceries that was until the lovely basket that was fixed to my bike came off. Off we went to the bike shop to change the pipe in the tyre as well as get a bigger more durable basket. Yey to more adventures! Yey us!

finally we reached the beach!

 me trying to fix the bike while the kid eat ice cream angrily

i have a talent for getting us lost.

one of those days when i feel  -

Kid supervising bike.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

How to Tame a Flight Fright.

No two flights are the same when it's with Darya. I would have thought after all those travels and flyings, she would by then be a 'pro' at taking flights. But nooooooooo. The last flight to Bali, she had to get into a baby bitch fit, tried to run away from the aero-bridge and started screaming NO NO NO I DON'T WANT TO ROLLER COASTER!!

I had to scoop her up and carry a (very much struggling) child into our seats. Tried my best to calm her down as i was buckling her up.

Of course with all the news of plane crashes and all; I tried to brush off that tiny fear in my head. It's ok, it's alright Erda. Move on, be positive. Bismillah. 

Dino and her new toy Bino.

So how did i manage to get her under control on that particular flight at her age?

Nenek is scared of flights too.

1. The number 1 rule is for me is to stay and sane as possible.  Grit that teeth, swallow that temper, whatever, just calm the eff down.  If i don't, she picks up my tensed mood and that only will set her off and aggravate her further and the result is kababoom. I switched off. Don't care what the other evil eyes are giving me. Focus on my child. 
cranky. whiny. 
check out my calm and composed face.

2. Speak gently and talk to her what is really bothering her.
Funnily, she suddenly recalled the "bumpy flight" to Krabi hence her mentioning "roller coaster". I give assurance. 

"If you are scared, remember Umi is here, i'll give plenty of hugs!"

So that was what we did, while still buckled, can you imagine the awkward position i put myself while strapped, but no, a hug is needed, a hug is given.

3. As per all flights, I bought her a small gift (it could be anything, not necessarily a toy) as a surprise to standby her moodswing on board. So it works, even if it's only for 5minutes.

4. Find something that interest her on the in-flight programmes 
(that hopefully, might get her hooked for hours heh heh) 
Fortunately, her current favorite is watching Miffy. So we had it on repeat. 
miffy on repeat is not so bad
*starts hallucinating miffy all over*

5. Conversations and keeping her entertained.
Now that she's much bigger, it's easier to understand what she wants and her whinings. (I still cringe when she whines). It's easier too when she understands me. 

At age 2 turning 3, how do you normally deal with a temper tantrum on board?
and off to lalaland she goes.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Let's Go Grocery Shopping All Over The World!

I let you in on my secret. 

Where do i get my awesome loot for people back in Singapore whenever i go travelling?

At their local supermarket of course! One of my favorite thing to do when I travel is to go to the local grocery stores. You can learn so much more about a place visiting these stores. I can find the best source of inexpensive gifts and souvenirs here! I get pretty excited when I see supermarkets. A mini disney for me!

It's like getting to know what the locals are eating. Imagine me rummaging through their kitchen and fridge.

Different supermarket has different ways of doing things.  In Albert Heijn, Amsterdam, you have to bring your own bags or purchase it at a small price. Also you have to pack your own groceries. The cashier won't do it for you. Which is good for lazy us. Haha. This would be unfamiliar to us Singaporeans because we are used to getting our stuff packed. If i clearly remember, NTUC is now practising the BAG YOUR OWN GROCERY day on Wednesdays (or er any other day?) 

I got excited at Coles in Perth! They have their own self check out counters (which i believe some NTUCs & Cold Storage are doing this now) so I can live my play pretend dream of being a check out girl! Though, i think some dishonest people might take advantage of this system and people thieve their way through. You know like pretend they already scan the items and bag them out of the store.

Not only their big supermarkets, I love their convenience stores too. If you are lucky, you can even bargain for a better price! Of course flea markets are a hit for me too! I am a sucker for cheap finds.

Sure, I love the old buildings, monuments, museums, the beautiful landscape but it's still the grocery stores for me that I feel i am mingling with the locals.

Shopping during Wintertime in Coles.

the long stretches of halal grocer stores along Javastraat (not far from where we stay) in Amsterdam.
Also where we bought our daily groceries to cook.

Albert Heijn - where we got our stash of Stroopwafels for people at home and other awesome Dutch product here.

Matahari in Batam.

Matahari in Bali. Best place to get those teas, coffees and condiments for home. We even bought that awesome smelling detergent here! 
I know right, perangai very makcik international!

Of course i got excited at Waitrose in Dubai Mall. Goodies to bring home!

Brilliant smells and sights! Spice Souk in Dubai but not necessarily cheaper. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Lazy Is An Understatement

Yey procrastinator me.

I have a couple of posts pending to be published but i am in my oh i am so lazy mood.

I shall now note down for my own reference on the posts needed to be done and published:

1. The Dubai Trip post
2. The Nusa Lembongan Trip post
4. The Misadventures in Adventures post
5. The Oh I Am A Show Off post
6. The Projects with Darya post
7. The Update on My Sanity post
8. The No Two Flights Are The Same post

I even had one post on Darya's classroom experience (which was exactly a year ago!) still on hold.

I don't feel like bitching about other overachieving mothers.

On another note, i snipped off my hair that i have kept for 2 years long. I think i don't know how to manage my long tress. It looks so urgh and so in my GET IT OFF MY HEAD moment, i said goodbye. I now look like Dora the Explorer, Javanese version. 

I may need to cut it off again.

We are still in the midst of Lebaran. I cannot wait for it to be over and done with honestly.

I am currently at 54kg. Yey me. But i foresee the weight increasing due to the festive season now. 

I seriously have no idea what else to pen down.

Seriously, brains got lazy.

i just want to float and do nothing. can?