Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Farewell 16 Weeks

Mother of gasp! July already!? I got less than a month before I hit back to work. Like hellooo in 2 weeks 2 days time!? When I am at home tending to the kids as well as managing the home affairs, I lost track of time and days. I felt time move so fast! I am so not looking forward yet at the same time, I miss dressing up looking more like a proper human being. Right now, i seriously look like a cross breed between a homeless person and the Goblin King from Labyrinth. 





sg50 babies roll out!

I must admit, I feel very guilty for not taking the firstborn out as much during her school holidays. On top of the super humid weather which is a killer, I ended up bailing out on outings with the kids one too many times. In fact, there was not much family activity going on as a whole during this 16 weeks. Husband had high fever during his paternity leave then he had to leave the country twice for 3 weeks, and then he was busy with the SEA Games, fell sick again after that and now it's Ramadan sooo...was really hoping for some family time though. 

So pretty much solo parenting duty going on. I tried my bestest to fill the boredom with activities for the kid. There were a lot of cycling going on. Mostly hanging outs at my fellow "on maternity leave" buddy's place. Hunting for playgrounds in Bedok. There were some experimental cooking and bakings going on. Of course, the art and craft projects on days where the sun suck the hell out of my human juice. We managed to swing by the west side to pay a visit to little miss sofiyyah. 

Of course I will miss being a full time mom for these 16 (+2 weeks worth of laying down mc) weeks. I will miss sending the firstborn to school and picking her up. I will miss waking up in my own slow pace (instead of rushing out to catch the train to work) and sniffing the little dude's fat rolls. I will miss the madness. I will miss having my kids around me.

...but i also miss my sanity hahaha.

Anyhoos,  seriously I assumed I could manage. That was of course before I gave birth to little human number two. I even over confidently thought I could take both of them out of the country on my own. Who am I kidding. Nope, no siree. I don't know how i'll cope if my mom wasn't around to help out. But i try to challenge myself sometimes because afterall I am the mother to the kids, I will have to try solo duty sooner or later. Sooner came indeed. I told her to take a break for a week before the Ramadan period visits. 

Don't ask how I manage. It's more of a do and you better not die Erda. I survive.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Ammar Rafael Turns 3 Months

...and this only means i have less than a month to go before i head back to my daily routine of pushing and jostling humans in the train *cries tears of blood*

Monday, 22 June 2015

She's Not A Monster, She's Just 3

Can you believe that sweet little miss posing all so dainty and pretty can turn into a monster within seconds??

Her mood swing can go from happy happy joy joy to insanely mad. Sometimes the scream will come along with curled up tiny fingers and then she starts hitting us.

This monster of a temper has been emerging quite a lot as of late. Especially since the arrival of her bruv. She will act up in the most strangest time. Like asking her to go to the little ladies, asking her to bathe, asking her to eat, asking her to sleep, telling her to clean up her mess, telling her to wipe her hands and mouth with a tissue (she will defiantly resort to wiping her dirty hands and kissing the walls or sofa or her brother's cot or on her brother) can trigger the 7 layers of hell to break loose

I won't lie that I have thoughts of smacking her so bad that she will fly across the room, onto the wall to be the living room's decor. 

How do I deal with a PMS-sy hissy fit?

1. I zone myself out, on autopilot. You will see a calm zen looking mom, trying to control a babybitchfit kid when in actual fact you are witnessing my soul leaving my body. Yes. It's true.

2. Remove myself from the situation. Walk away.

3. Intervention. I reminded the husband that we both need to check on our tempers during the kid's temper session.  A gentle tap and say "time out, disengage, you need to take 5". Almost most of the time, whenever my parents are around, I hardly screamed my head off. They are like the police to my tempers. Heh.

I caught myself grabbing the kid's hands during one session of her hitting me. I locked her down and was screaming my head off. It didn't help. She was equally screaming louder and of course crying harder. It made me feel like a sucky mom. 

I broke down in front of her, hugged her so tight, begging her to stop.

She soften and the room went silent. 

So that leads to 4. All you need to offer are hugs. Sometimes it work sometimes it doesn't. I dealt with a thrashing struggling hug before. If that don't work, cry as hard as you can.

5. Play dead. I once laid down on the ground during her screaming session. Scream as you might, I am taking point number 1 along; that is to zone out while in corpse pose.

6. Imitate her. She whined, i whined along. She scream, I followed suit while grinning. She yelled no you don't follow what i do! I yelled no you don't follow what i do! She will eventually break into a laugh and stop. I am sure that annoys her.

7. Threaten to video tape her tantrums. Oh yes I have a compilation of her screams and kicks and throwing of things to blackmail ber with. Whenever I showed her back the videos, she denies that was her. -_-

So yes those are some of the things I had to do while dealing with her mission to murder her parents' eardrums and patience. Those work if i stay calm and rational. I will try my bestest not to break the kid's spirit by shouting demeaning words or belittling her. 

Spending time with her on dates or doing our tiny projects are precious because I need her to know that even though now that there is another person for me to love and focus on, i still love her as much as before. Heck, in fact, she's my first love and forever will be.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Wassap From The Kitchen Idiot!

I thought I would be blogging as often as I assumed I would ahhaa who am i kidding! 

I have been busy experimenting stuff in the kitchen; either at mine or at my compadre's who is on maternity leave (sadly she will return back to work tomorrow) Sigh i'm gonna miss cycling over her place. (also another opportunity to spend time with my girl)

Baked the 3 step easy brownie this morning, "3-Ingredient Nutella Brownies You Need To Try" on YouTube - given by a girlfriend. Thanks Arabian Princess!

I am sure the kiddo will love this! She's a hantu nutella! Sprung up and head for the kitchen despite the fact I had slept late the night before (like hello 3plus) running on marathon of old school movies like The Goonies, Monster Squad, Neverending Story, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal you catch my drift and I digress. The boy was up and babbling at 
6plus am and I have been up since. 

Timecheck 1126am.

Oh yes french loaf. The kitchen was buuurning these few days. More to come, since Ramadan is around the corner. Excuses to feed the belly ey.

Signing off from this kitchen idiot who is just learning. *snicker*

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sentimental Hardcore Umi

I finally got around to ransacking the storeroom. Was sorting out the big sis's baby clothes to "handmedowns" the kid brother and suddenly got hit by the sentimental bug. Gone were the days where I can happily dress her up in tshirts and jeans without any debates or screaming Nos! Now she wants to be a princess.

*breaks down sobbing myself to sleep*