Sunday, 29 March 2015

Say Hello to Our Little Man!

Friday 27 March 545pm

Hello our little man, hello Ammar Rafael.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Here We Go Again!

Stealth mode ninja mom strikes again. 

I have been keeping mum about this for ages; mainly because of some reactions I got from trying friends who wanted to be parents really badly. (it wasn't the kind of reaction I was expecting thus making me feel awkward and bad) Plus I am not good at announcing HEY I'M BAKING ANOTHER LITTLE HUMAN IN ME! So keeping tight lip about this situation.

I have been blogging here to document about my pregnancy. I didn't update as often as much as I did with the firstborn.  Probably it's the 2nd child syndrome bahahhaha. But I still managed a weekly belly progression shot okay! I was a little more active than I was with the firstborn probably because I have to suck it up and man up on handling the kid on top of being pregnant and on solo duty. (This time round the husband wasn't in town much. So there you go - forced independence wahhawhaw) I was even cycling till my 20th week; that was to a point where I can't pedal anymore due to my protruding belly. Hah. 

We were planning for VBAC this time round but oh well, we can only plan but HE decides our path. I thought I had a smoother pregnancy this time round (well if i want to compare if not getting my ass warded a couple of times as smooth that is ahha.) At the lastest minute at my 36th week, I was having problems. Almost got warded but was given a 2 weeks bedrest mc. On top of that the bubs' growth fell back 2 weeks behind. 

And with this, I seek your forgiveness for any wrong I did while blogging.  Wish me luck people, make duas for me and little bubs. 

I am on my way to get my belly sliced open once again. The intention to pop Darya her kid brother from my bagina has yet failed once again but if it's all for the safety of my child, I'll allow myself be sliced open one more time for you baby.


here we go, here we go again~



Sunday, 15 March 2015

of ultimate pain and itch

i was given a week worth of medical leave due to issue related down there.  woe is me down there. felt like somebody slashed 100000 at my down there. went to my gp twice last week and they told me to go straight to the gynae I was assigned to. so i painfully waddled my way to my trusted gynae to get it checked on friday. i tell you it was paaainful to walk, it feels like somebody squeeze lemon on my open wound.  i also had severe case of pelvic pain and here i am on the sofa and trying my best not to move about and get all sweaty and sticky because thaaaat will only trigger the annoyance down there.

i have discovered soaking in a tub filled with sea salt works wonders for a couple of hours before the urge to pee starts again ahaha.

this is me on sunday, picking on the hemline of the husband's old military uniform while listening to 90s Malay Rock. 

when you have too much time in hands, suddenly you don't know what to do and when you have zilch time, it seems you are rushed for time or trying to squeeze whatever you've got within that time span of 24hours eh.

in the meantime, i am jealous to be missing out on activities with my family. bohooooo.

the girl has moved on to the big people pool. aww proud of ya kiddo!

signing off
the lazy in pain down there girl

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Enter The Sandman - The Desert Experience

Well this took a long while to blog. Hello procrastinator.

So one of the days in Dubai, I decided hey why not try the desert experience.  That should be adrenaline pumping right?!  Dune bashing the dessert.  *rolls eyes*  So we inquired with our hotel and they hooked us up with Elite Star Tours & Safari.  We wanted sand surfing as well but that would be at an additional price.

The next day, we gathered at the lobby.  Joining in the tour was 2 couple from Hong Kong and the Philippines.  If my almost dead brain cells serves me well, it took us about 1 hour or so to reach the destination - which is in the middle of nowhere. 

 All happy and chirpy without realizing the fate that awaits me later on bahahha.

 view from the car.

the pit-stop to kill the tires.

So we reached at the pit stop.  While they deflate the tires for the dune bashing, we roam around aimlessly snapping photos. You could also hire the ATVs to ride while waiting. 

hello scorching hot sun.

sand in my face! says the kid


You can call me kental (chicken/coward/insert all negative whatevers you want) for all I care but no more! NO more dune bashing for me!  I guess I wasn't as 'adventurous' as I used to be. Old age has finally catch up with me, admit that woman! Hah!

after this, our turn ok go down there.


The dune bash was about 20-30minutes worth of me wanting to puke on everybody in the 4x4.  Then it was another pit stop for photo taking session. The sun was setting and it was gorgeous. I was feeling another el vomittus coming out and wanted to just be a wet blanket and stay in the jeep but no, the photo taking session must go on hahaa. 

me and my omg i think i feel my puke coming out

"how dare my parental unit put me through this!"



ok i seriously feel sick. and the kid fell asleep halfway through the dune bashing. 
probably too tired from screaming her head off.

They dune bash to the dessert camp. Seriously I was sweating and swearing under my breath all the way. There were buffet dinner and BBQ.  You can go for the camel ride for free! Photo taking with their traditional Arabian garb (we ended up looking like ABBA meets Boney M, ok maybe just me), henna painting was also free and the queue was also long. 






There was a long queue at the buffet line and a little chaotic because there were a couple other tour groups joining in.  So I decided to stroll along the little shops set up around the area while waiting for the line to go shorter and also let the kid run wild and free. 


There was 2 dance performance during dinner. The Tanoura dance. I salute the dood that goes round and round and round and round because I would have already vomited all over myself by then.  And the belly dancer, woo hellooooo belly~

din din under the stars was nice but i got bitten by flies and mozzies. 
this city girl can't stop complaining can she? hwahawhawhaw

The carriage awaits us.  By 930pm, we moved out from the camp in search for our 4x4s.  

I thought it would be fun to try this out but i totally ferrrgot I have motion sickness. SOOO it wasn't an enjoyable experience for me. HAHAHAHHA I puked my guts out and happily buried my puke under the soft warm sand.  And to think I put the kid into this, what was I thinking right?! She was screaming lah of course. Bad mother baaaaad. 

Nevertheless, it was an experience.  Although to me it was a bad one and I almost wanted to bail out.  To the extend I wanted to beg them to abandon me in the middle of nowhere. That's how bad my insides was making me; i think my intestines went up my throat.  Do I want to go through this again? No! Hahah. Not unless I have no motion sickness to deal with. Or probably skip the dune bashing altogether and just head on to the happy activities like sand surfing and eating many Mediterranean dishes and riding camels.  Ok wait, that is another story.  The camel ride freaked me out.  I thought I would fall off the camel, but surprisingly I held on to my phone while video-ing the ride. -_-

very the buruks o' not my face??