Thursday, 23 April 2015

What Does Phil Collins Do When He Is Feeling Blue?

And then the blues punch me in the face. I am a die hard romantic when I am hit by the blues ok. 

So today the husband left for India again for 2 weeks. We had a mini date in the morning at the airport sans the kids. I didn't burst into tears while saying our see you laters. The lack of sleep and lethargicness prevented me from going all overly dramatic with the tear jerky drama series I guess.

The mother once again brought up the subject about bringing the kid back to her place over the weekends. This has been an ongoing debate for over 3 years. I never give in. I dissapprove totally each time but strangely today I caved in. Probably from being too tired or the too many emotions going on at the same time that I zombie-ly agreed.  I then consoled myself after realising what I just did. Sobs. I told myself that this would be good for the kid to learn about separation but hey who am i kidding, probably it is i that needed that 101 lesson on being away from loved ones. Clingy mom alert yo. The kid's reaction? She was overjoyed of course to be able to be around her bff, in this case her grandma.

skype date as soon as she reached marsiling

 I suck the clingy mommie's tears in.  I am channeling all posivity to possess me tonight. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Birth, Err Removal From The Belly Story

You guys, I think this time round, although with bubba number 2, it seems as though I have mastered the art of sneaky blogging. When bubba sleeps, I entertain my firstborn, rearrange the mess, laundry, blog. There is no such thing as when bubba sleeps you sleep.  Not when you have an active preschooler in hand. I manage to snooze, well actually almost all the time I fell asleep with kid on my belly. How's that for living dangerously and being a reckless, irresponsible mom?? 

I am however blessed with my mom handling the kitchen duties.  Yey to home cooked food! The kid will be attached to the husband during after hours. (here after hours refers to when the husband comes back from work; 7pm onwards).

I have derailed from the topic.

Here goes, the Happy Removal Day story.

27 March 2015, Friday. We went for our weekly check up.  Weighing at a heavy 69.5kg, I waddled lazily (having stayed for 2 weeks at home does this to me hehe) to Doc Aziz office.

oh don't mind me and my monstrous lookin' feet yaw

Test confirmed that I had an infection which might cause complications to the kid if I still choose to give birth vaginally.  There goes my dream birthing vaginal plan.  Bye *throws plan out of my cervix*

oh hello there blanket that suspiciously looks like a curtain blast from the 80s

i should so stop self diagnosing myself and googling what that TACHY CARDIAC means 

Doc Aziz told us to choose a date within 3 days from that day but the risk of going through emergency c-section will occur in case we picked a later date. Which of course we do not want to risk going through GA and of course financially, it will be much heavier on us plus I really want my husband to be around this time, to witness the birth, to give me support because it can be kinda lonely and depressing in the operating theater hokaaay. 

We thought Friday seems like a good day to be sliced open so they booked a 5pm slot for us. We were told to be there by 3-4pm.

sucha emotional moment, though i sucked my tears back.
my firstborn hugging me belleh and i

Went home and still in denial that within a few hours time, we will be having a newbie in the family.  Since my mom was down and out, we had to make some arrangement to send the kid to my in-laws. While the husband sent the kid off, I was busy making last minute cleaning up of the house, double checked the hospital bag and did my prayers before we head off to the hospital. As I was in my sujud position, I made duas that all will be well for me and bubba and to give me strength to face the knife, while in a state of being awake. 

i may look all calm and collected but only Allah knows how i feel,  a goddamn nervous wreck

I was wheeled into the operating theater. The husband was told to clean up and get into the scrub outfit. I was kicking alive while they fix the tubes and catheter down there. The nurses and surgical team were awesome. Giving me motivation and support. When they were doing the epidural procedure, in my curled up position, one of them stroke my head and said 'you are a strong lady, this is all in the mind, you can do this' as i feel the prick of the needle penetrating down my spine, right at the tailbone area.  I wanted to scream so badly though but I blinked back tears of pain.  My ego was present with me that day. Thank you ego. After a while I felt nothingness. My legs felt dead. I was half dead. HAHA.

The husband sat beside me and held my hands. My thoughts were running wild. OMG OMG OMG I will be cut open, alive. I tried to think of happy thoughts; the durians that I ate last night, big fluffy cotton candy, bouncing off from clouds to clouds, the long queue paying last homage to LKY. Ok wait, what?

'Going through the uterus now' Please, leave me out of the details people.

I could feel the tugging and the pushing. Seriously I feel like the meat of a kambeng at Pasar Geylang.  And then the cries of our boy. Then our gynae muttered the calls of azan to the boy.  Woa that was deep bro. I wanted to cry. Cry that I could witness the cries of my child. Like that was some pretty heavy stuff there you know. But i guess I was half dead, too numb to feel, even though my head was crying so badly at the commotion and the scene that was going on right then. The husband took over and whispered the azan. 

The husband was told to leave the operating theater while they did another 30 minutes worth of patching me back up. Like Humpty Dumpty, only thing is that Humpty didn't get himself impregnated. 

oh i did the one eye thing again because my eyes are totally mis-aligned and i am sure being half druggified i will have more wonkier looking eyes wahahwawh ok what the bloody hell am i talking.
but how's that for amazing shot while still being stitched up during this photo taking session?? *cringe*

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Darya's Playhouse Project - The Foundation

So I was feeling a little over ambitious and decided on making a playhouse for the kid during my 2 weeks medical leave. If I could do up an accidental dollhouse, this should be easy right? Right???

Weapon of choice:

Cardboards given by Azfer's Mummy
Crayons (more for doing the markings on the cardboard)
My most trusted cardboard cutter
Penknife because that one time i misplaced the cardboard cutter
Gaffer tape to secure the sides
Glue gun that suddenly exploded on me -_-

An overview of how I want the playhouse to look. So I stacked up one on top of the other. I don't want it to be too bulky because you know my tiny pigeon hole can't even fit another pigeon in.

I cut the box up because I prefer the inside out. I rather the prints be unseen so there will be more area for the kid to work on; paint/scribble/destroy.

Tadah! The inside out of the box. The gaffer tape does wonders.

Stacking one box on top of the other. Tiny playhouse for the tiny miss. Since I am not that tall, I had to use the stool to work on the top part of the box. We decided to extend the flap to create the roof. Slit and cut excess boards and paste them to cover the rooftop.

I must give credits to the husband for helping outI thank you love for putting in effort in assisting your over-zealous pregnant wife in this project heh. Puncture a hole and cut out windows with flap. Again, we used the extra boards from all the cuttings, bend it and fix it on the windows. And tadaaah! windows and door were created!

We took a break from the house making session and made a cardboard car for the little miss. Fixed twine on it and vroom vroom off she goes.

this is how you paint, by being all acrobatic and what not.

I let the kid go crazy on 'vandalizing' her own playhouse. Her house, her rules.

Notice we fixed a cardboard as base for the house. It acts as a foundation for the house as it toppled a couple of time (twice on me while eating soup thanks eh) so I thought we should stabilize the base.

To be continued!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Massive Mastitis Attack

I wanted to say something funny about the word mastitis like gee how apt the name is for a monster of a massive tities but it sure ain't funny when it hit you till you feel crippled and down with pain yo.

So the fever I had a couple of days back was due to the massive attack on the left boob. Woke up heavier on one side of the boob. The sports bra suddenly felt tight and suffocating. Imagine feeling as if somebody whacked it with a bat over and over. By noon, I was down with high fever and sore aching joints. Shivering, I used warm compression on the boob and tried to express it out but it was only temporary relief.

Laying down was uncomfortable. Imagine a hot bowling ball under your armpit and trying to sleep with it.  I forced myself up to hit the shower. Need. To. Get .This. Over. ASAP.  The cold bathroom tile doesn't help. I sat on an overturned pail and rested my feet on another while spraying hot water on the evil mastitis. My fever peaked to 39.5 at night. The mom and husband tag team to sponge me back to recovery. I was delirious and not sure what was going on. The only savior is the bub. As painful and hard like a pornstar's silicone job gone wrong; I grit through the pain as the bub suckle the milk out of me.

Fever subsided by 2am. Dolly Parton boob deflated. Me happy.

Seriously this breastfeeding business is a challenge; for the 2nd time! I thought I would by now get the hang of it, having breastfed my firstborn till she turned 3. And that was only 6 months back that I weaned her off! 

We are still practicing on getting the proper latch on as well as the correct positioning. Yes, still

And no, you may not hug me. 

...ok maybe from behind or sideways or probably pat my head heh heh.

meet my milk monster

Friday, 10 April 2015

Say No to 2nd Child Syndrome

In order to avoid the 2nd child syndrome, I vow *gulps* to be fair and square.

So here's a documentation of Rafael's first fingernail clippings.

The boy went bald yesterday. 

He's now known as Kojak.