Friday, 31 October 2014

Darya's Story Time//The Flying Box & The Enormous Green Lizard

The kid and I had started another round of story telling session. Mostly narrated by her while I guided and corrected her words. She's getting good at this and this Umi is very proud. So as always, after each new story told, I doodled and pen it down. I edited a little while typing it out here. These were handwritten and drawn (colored as well!) while standing up in the train on the way and back to work.

'Story narrated by Little Mis Darya. English corrected & Doodles done by Umi'

Once upon a time, Little Darya found a box. 

"A big sturdy box for me!" she exclaimed. 

Darya got in the box and pretended she's flying in an airplane. 

Suddenly, a strong gush of wind blew strong. In an instant, the box was lifted up from the ground. The box flew higher up in the sky. Darya was amongst the fluffy, cotton candy looking clouds.

The box unexpectedly flew too close to the sun. Darya yelped "My eyes!" 

She looked away and covered her eyes.

All of a sudden, Darya landed with a gentle thud, cushioned by a huge nest.  

"Who goes there!" 

The sudden roar of a loud voice was heard. Darya peeped from the slit of the box.

Darya saw an enormous green, mean-looking lizard looking down into the box. Arms crossed across its chest, he bellowed again.

"Who goes there?!"

"My name is Darya!" she said while extending her hand out. The enormous green, mean looking lizard huffed and growled.

"I don't know what's a Darya"

"Well, now you do Sir!"

"Aren't you afraid of me?! I'm a dinosaur!" he roared

"I'm not afraid of you. All you need is a hug to make you feel better!"

Darya stepped forward and hugged the enormous, green, shocked-looking dinosaur's big round belly.

"All you need is a hug Mr Dinosaur Sir!"

Little Darya and the enormous, green, not so mean looking lizard became the bestest of friends, but one day, Darya looked sad and her best friend asked "What's wrong?"

"I miss home, I miss my family"

The enormous, green, not so mean anymore looking lizard felt sad for Darya.

"I'll send you home. I'll give you a push. Get in your box. But promise me you won't forget me?" he said, a little tinged with sadness. 

"I'll always remember you!"

They hugged and gave each other Hi-4s.

The enormous, green, sad looking lizard swung its blade-like tail onto the box and off goes Darya flying high up in the sky!

Soon after, Darya landed with a soft thud on top of her HDB flat. 

Now, whenever there is a strong gush of wind, Darya gets in her box, ready for take-off.  

This time with a pair of goggles and a helmet!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Tale of Erda and Her Short Stories

1,2,3,4 Erda blogs in metaphor.

Certain things are running through my mind right now. Mostly revolving around words and comments spewed. Some are a good bitchslap, some as good reminders, but some can be hmm, pretty shocking. Confiding session gone backfired, I would say!

I think it's best I continue 'shutting myself up'.  Opening up does me no good (unless you are my psychologist and I know you won't harm me further by spewing things that might infuriate me more because you know why, because I paid for you not to piss me off hahahahahah) if I don't wish to hear the negative side or vicious remarks. I believe I played a huge part in this. 

Best is to clam up and everybody lives happily ever after.


It has been a month now that I made myself scarce from the social network. No explanation, no nothing, just poof! I kind of feel bad because I have a few girlfriends residing all over the world and the only way we got ourselves connected was via Facebook/Instagram.  All is not lost though, I still have my Skype and right now my blog still kicking alive. 

So, recently I have a couple of friends texting me and checking on me asking if I am doing ok. It left a warm fuzzy feeling afterwards knowing people still think about me.

That totally made my day. Thank you


This may come off as a mushy tale from Erda's love life.

I miss The Husband. Work has totally kidnapped him away from me and the Beans. He's physically here in Singapore, but we hardly see him for the past few weeks. He's asleep when I am gone for work and when he's back from work, we are headed for Lalaland.

Soon he will be leaving.

I may sound like a clingy, whiny, dependent wife but yes I am aware that all these are
 for our best. To have an income over none. But sometimes I don't want the best, I just want him around. 

The challenges to my change - still doing a part-time open shut. People are strangely not open to muslim girls covering themselves up. People are still not comfortable to my change. To me wearing proper clothing. Hey, I am not wrapped up as a Mummy you know. I am just wearing properly covered clothing as opposed to my *gasp* skanky outfit previously.

With great power comes great responsibility?

For my case; with great changes, comes great challenges.

I have a lot to learn. Still on a learning journey. 

But that said, unwanted comments are unavoidable. I still get judge from what I wear. Oh boy, I tell you these are coming from our own sisters.

I do not like it when people are persistent on what I should or should not wear. I am fully aware of the proper method of wearing them. I do not conform to the typicals, the mainstreamers hence NO I will not dress up like you. Do not force your outfits or your ideas of what to wear on me.

At the end of the day, I am still me.


I think I failed in the department on being defensive over my own blood relatives. For that, I am sorry. I feel I have wronged them by exposing certain things. I will know when to speak and when to shut up.

Everyday is a learning process for Erda.

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Hunt for Bastakiya Quarters!

continuation from

Photos overload! Urgh i know right. I procrastinated like nobody business. Pardon this lazy Aquarian side. 

As soon as we stepped out of Al-Fahidi station, I followed my instinct (or the lack of it pfft) and go with the flow.  Go with the wrong flow to be exact! I kept circling around the area and got us stranded for a while at a pretty quiet, male dominated neighborhood. I got a few stares and I decided to go back where I was from. I saw a couple of motels. Dropped in and asked for direction. Either my pronunciation sucked or they didn't get what I was trying to say. 

Weather for the day was 35 degrees. I could feel the nape of my neck combusting into flames. I was perspiring, my top was sticking to my body acted as a cooling effect. Suddenly I felt my head spin. Ugh dizzy spells. From the killer heat perhaps. I lean against a lamp-post, with the kid on my hips, tried to catch my breath and gulped down water.

Gaaaah, don't risk it Erda. Think of your kid! You can't afford to collapse in the middle of nowhere! NOT here.

Stop and recharge. 

So I seek refuge in the air conditioned bus stop, luckily a few steps away from where I was doing my pole grabbing. While recuperating, I fed the kid some biscuit and milk. While munching on the banana, I took out my phone and started working on the map that I downloaded earlier on. Gawwhhhh. It looked so near yet so far! I called my helpline; who persuaded me to just go get a cab. 

BUT BUT BUT the map says it's just around the corner *stubborn pout*

 we circled and came across this junction 3-4 times before i gave up and start asking around.

 seriously lost and cannot find our way.
didn't yo' mama said not to walk along the lonely unfamiliar back lanes??

behind the sign board is where I should actually head straight and will find my destination.
the signboard selfies acts as a landmark in case we got lost.
oh yes, also the place where i pole grabbed. 
and yep, the bus stop is just a few step behind.

Wiping the crumbs off our clothes and feeling recharged, I was determined to make one more round to find Bastakiya. I decided to take on a different route. Kept walking straight and saw a junction ahead.  I asked a dude who was working at a nearby shop. "Hello! How do I get to Bastakiya?" His reply; eyebrows bunched down, lips pursed - 'I don't know sister' shrugged his shoulders and continued back to his work.

I sighed. It must be here somewhere.  Across the road, I saw a cafe with a statue of a camel and buildings that likened to the map in Counter-Strike (cs_arabstreets? cs_aztec?)

I needed confirmation. My Spidey-senses told me this must be it.

I crossed over to find any signage but could find none. We roam about. Judging from the emptiness and er, a little sleepy looking place, I assumed it's due to the Friday Jummah prayers. It seemed as if we have the little maze of I am not sure if this is Bastakiya yet all to ourselves!

Oooh check out the awesome wind towers! (Actually I googled it afterwards to find out what that was!) Apparently, it acts as a wind catcher, a ventilation system for the house back in the days.

We aimlessly strolled further into the labyrinth of narrow alleyways that lead us to surprises. Like stumbling upon what is left of the Wall of Old Dubai. I was reading out loud to the kid on what was written and she started yawning. Ok fine,let's move along now.

 Then the whining begun. The kid chose not to walk. Jeez. Sit in the stroller next time, please! Oh wait, there is not stroller in sight. Oh, my back. *groans and moans*

Behind us, is one of the many awesome murals found on the wall in Bastakiya. I made the kid stand by the wall mural, but she was screaming 'got ghost! I scared!' Gee thanks. 

Look, Mom, we discovered the way up the rooftop! Okay so the steep steps up WITH a kid clinging onto me screaming that we will fall proved to be a huge challenge, but again we girls did it. Yey us.

We get to see the wind tower a little on the up close and personal side. Haha. 

Now we need to climb down the scary steep steps again Umi??

oh yes child, i'm afraid we have to. 

the super narrow alleys. 

We roamed further and soaked in the intricate designs on the buildings, brass metal door knobs, beautiful courtyards and traditional lights hanging. Then, I think we accidentally exit out of Bastakiya. The kid started whining again that she was hungry and tired and please carry her. So I made her walked a little bit out. We found Bur Dubai's Creekside.  Yey us again!

So we found a nice spot on some steps, fed her the packed food from the Rainforest restaurant we 'tabao'ed' earlier on and fueled up while enjoying the scenery on the creek.

Awesome part when the mother was trying to capture a photo and the kid hugged my neck 
(or trying to chokehold me) and said I LOVE YOU UMI!
cue: d'awwwwwwwww

the sun! the sun melts my corneaaaaaaa. noooooooooo.

After eating, curiosity got the best of me. I saw a number of people headed up the same direction towards god knows where. So I thought, that could be something going on up there. The walk took about roughly 5 minutes or so, and voila! we found a Hindu Temple nearby. Pigeons flock the courtyard of the temple. 

My nose caught a whiff of spices and herbs. I let my nose investigate. Right beside the temple was the Spice Souk. How awesome is that!

It had been an amazing adventure and the happy discoveries we stumbled that day, one after another. All that by JUST GETTING MYSELF LOST. Ahem. 

Onwards to the next adventure!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Doodle A Story

For the love of words, colors and doodles.

I must admit; I am not one of those SUPER ON THE BALL mothers that read to her child every night or sit down with her and teach her to write and recognise the alphabets. Maybe I don't have the patience when the kid starts running around and decided to do something else from what we intend to do. Maybe I NEEDED that disciplining myself. I could lay out the many excuses on why it is not consistent but well, I think it may come off as self-pitying or me trying to evade my responsibility as a mother bahahaha. *grins*

So we have free-style story telling. I will let her tell me the story her own way while I doodle it up (and edit the words here and there).

Here are some stories we created:

We have created the story of Prata and the dough's name is Dough-rya. Dough-rya was a by product of several items put together (of course I had to tell her the recipe of how to make a prata)

About that sad, lonely tree but a fellow bird befriended the tree and built her family on the tree and the tree is no longer lonely again.

We have scribbled about the man who got catapulted while travelling on a plane one day, onto the moon. He is forever hanging out on the moon till today. Strange.

And then we made up story from tracing her hand and fingers. 
This one she was telling about her vacation in a hotel with a smoke, she saw a bear and then she took a boat and fly an airplane and took a bus and went over the water.