Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Eid Grinch No More!

Dear Drama

Before I had you, I was a Raya Grinch. I only cared about celebrating the 1st day otherwise I don't care much about anything else. I used to like celebrating it when I was younger but it died out when your grand-parental unit broke up. 

When you came along I decided it would be unfair and selfish of me to impart my grinchness to you. So I injected the celebrations to be a little more 'festive'. I get you involved in the cookie/cake bakings. I switched on the fairy lights on day 1 of Ramadan. We played with sparklers (don't judge me you non fun loving people! *fist up*) I even changed money for zakat, waaaay before Ramadan (not to mention spending Ramadan groceries in JB in advance as well).

Ok that changing money was because I don't want to rush at the last minute, hyperventilate, panic and lose my temper lah. Fine la you can call me kiasu lah. Fine I like things running smoothly and in order ok. I note down what is needed to be done and tick against those I have done. Just like a school teacher.

Plus we were Aby-less for 5 weeks and today he is home! Hurrah! But of course I can't expect him to jump off the plane and help with the spring cleaning. He endured 3 days of back breaking flight transfers (from the Carribean to Gatwick to Heathrow to Dubai and finally home) soooo I managed to settle a lot of stuff on my own. *pats self at the back*

Now a week left to Eid and our house is almost ready. ALMOST. We managed to bake 5 types of cookies and I intend to burn the kitchen down by baking cakes this weekend. God bless my kitchen. 

Note to self:

Things done:
1. Clean up Dad's room
2. Overhaul bedroom due to suspicious character namely a bug was found on the wall
3. Unpitch Darya's tent, throw unwanted broken toys, sanitized toys before storing them away
4. Wash soft toys - dryer - store.
5. Scrubbed the living hell out of the bathroom.
6. Spin dry all pillows and duvet.
7. Cookie bakings!

Things to be done:
1. Wash the cookie jars then fill the cookie jars with duh cookies and then avoid putting them into the mouth. Mahaha.
2. Mop, vacuum, sanitize all areas AGAIN.
3. Clean the windows.
4. Wash the recycled Baju Kurungs of mine and yours because I am lazy to hunt for one at the Bazaar this year hahahaha 

I am actually lazy to find anything that is not breastfeeding friendly so I will just use what I wore last year plus I am frugal like that, things that can still be worn why the hell must I go buy a new one which I will only wear once??? Eh eh why am I so angry. Fasting you know. Later void how. 
So there goes. I AM okay with using last year's or 10 years ago as long as it fits and as long as they are still in good condition.

5. Faster faster steam/iron them before I get tired/cranky/angry and get into a momster fit.
6. Bake a cake?

I think that should be all. I can do this within the next 4 days.

I am yours to keep
Umi, excited umi.


  1. nice to see u all hyped for Raya! I beli kuih tunjuk-tunjuk jer...hehe...I love how u involve Darya wif d baking n pandai sey Darya petik taugeh! Sooo cute!

    1. allo anis~ ahhaha. yes this year raya all senget senget because lil makcik helped with the prep. ahhaha

  2. baik ah ni anak dara... pinjam bleh?