Friday, 19 July 2013

Happy Awesome Foursome Love!

Dear Drama

Your Aby and I have 2 anniversaries; 1 is on the 18th November 2003 and the other is the 19th July 2009. 

18th November is the one that he first suggested to "let's give this a try and see how it goes". We badly wanted (ok fine it is I who badly wanted it) to get an 18th for our wedding date but sadly it ran out har-har. So we opt for 19th. 

So today, your Aby and I celebrated our 4th year together legally as husband and wife! (Although he is right now in Guyana and we in boring Singapore) A happy awesome foursome indeed. There is nothing I could have asked for more in a partner. 

I am yours to keep
Umi is in love everyday.

Dear Beh

Thank you.

Thank you for all these 10 years for being my boyfriend (still my boyfriend what!) and husband these 4 years.

Thank you for listening to me when I am down. When I need a shoulder to cry on even when you are miles (and different time zone!) apart, you made a point to check on me.  Thank you for being proactive. This also means you are safely out of the MCP category. Thank you for not making me your maid. Thank you for being an awesome Aby to Darya. Thank you for when I was sick and totally out, you did everything for me. Thank you for tending to me when I am sick and making sure that I eat. Thank you for that one time I was on crutches and you were there to sponge bath me. Thank you for when I was healing from my C-sect and still a baby-idiot on tending to Darya, you were there to guide me, at the same time cook up a storm for my road to recovery.

Thank you for making my family yours. You made a point to check on my parents as well as being a filial son! I salute sama lu brooooh.

Of course, I am not painting a pretty picture of our marriage, I would be lying to say we are perfect but we work on it, make changes and we pull through. It takes two to tango.

So Beh, thank you for being everything.

I am your kickass wife to forever keep

ps: Let's go on a short anniversary trip when you come back Aby! 

Happy Awesome Foursome Laogongooo! They said 4 years of wedded bliss is like gejemellion years in outer space. Don't take my words for it. Thank you for not being a MCP. And also thank you for loving your sometimes very weird wife. That's all I'm thankful for. Amin!

Dearest Boyfriend i, lemme be the annoying person who calculates the months we are together so happy happy 3530 days. *dumps a truckload of confetti on us*. Ok ok fine I confessed, i playcheat and calculated on because i seriously forgot how long we are together ahhahaaha at least i'm honest what. With love, your cute and adorable girlfriend. Please don't gag, later Ramadan void Siah. Ps: I love you ok?

pps: Thank you for tolerating my nonsense and weirdness.

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