Friday, 20 September 2013

Dance My Child, Dance to Batam!

Dance my child, dance.

Dear Drama 

Last Saturday, together with Nenek, we decided to skip out of the island, well, to another island 45 minutes away from us! Say hellooooo Batam to cheap massages and spa! Your parental unit was still packing at 4am for an 11am ferry.

yey run away!
You were pretty excited to see the ferries.  "LOOK MII! LOOK ABYYY! NENEK SEE! SEE! BOT! SHEEEP! SEE! BOT! SHEEP!" was on repeat mode. You started getting a little whiny while waiting for our ferry and tried to dash towards the ferry BUT while on board; you fell asleep. Tsk.

A first ferry ride level unlocked for little miss! A boob boob we go. 

with nenek aka BFF

We decided to check out this newly opened hotel called Swiss-Belhotel Harbour Bay located a few minutes from the ferry terminal. We were early so we grabbed lunch before heading to the hotel. 

fight fight (gado gado) anyone
It was raining for a bit but thank god for the sheltered bridge linking to the hotel. The hotel is also part of a mall which is still in its early stage so there was not much shopping or entertainment there. 

Trying to locate the entrance of the hotel was confusing for us. There is no proper signage directing us to the check-in counter or any lifts leading to the hotel. So we got lost and stumbled onto a supermarket. You know how supermarkets got me all crazy and excited. Ha-ha.

pretty damn excited with toddler-sized trolleys yea.

Of course afterwards you decided it is wise to start kicking a tantrum and face plant yourself on the ground. Once again, Umi to the rescue. Picked you up, remove ourselves from the situation, I football hold you and stormed out of the supermarket. The only way to carry a tantrumic child. Muahaha.

We had to carry our luggage, haversack and squirming Darya down the staircase leading to the front desk. Why. 

darya wants to good night now.

Nenek and I decided not to waste much time and checked out the huge spa in front of our hotel but realized we need to make an appointment as weekends are pretty full. So we decided to use the hotel's spa instead. My masseuse was friendly and ended up getting a little chatty so I couldn't get the 2 hours snooze I planned to do. I could hear my mother's conversation with her masseuse next door and the loud screamings and laughters of people by the swimming pool. So much for trying to relax. 

After the massage, we went out to the Nagoya Shopping Mall which took us about 10-15minutes cab ride (RP40K). Stopped over Secret Spa (which I heard is one of the best massage parlor there) to book a morning 2hours massage slot for your Aby and Nenek. I skipped on this one and catch up on some snooze which was pretty awesome enough for me ha-ha.

So wind down, stocked up on some dry goods, shopped for my office attire (5 tops for about less than SGD9 bucks each??!), had some scrubs and mud masks on my old body and teach you how to let loose and be silly yea. Not bad for a super short 24hours trip.

I am yours to keep
Umi needs more scrubbing please.

darya; ever so camera ready. she goes SMILE!!! when she sees the camera aimed for some selfie shots.

awww. *ovaries bursting*

Ok bye super short trip. Darya doesn't look so enthusiastic here ay?


  1. Yeeehaaaa!! Nice massage-cation for you! And btw, love the Dancing Darya video (but I loved your dancing boobies beta! hahahaa....nampak sah...hahahha.....) Love you babe!

    1. ceh! whahawhawhaw love u too babe