Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wordless Wednesday // Let Her Eat Cake!

Wordless Wednesday? Pfft. I lied. Make it WORDY WEDNESDAY!

So that marks the end of 3 impromptu birthday celebrations for our little miss drama. 3 cakes! Last weekend was another meet up with the ladies and having a mini birthday bash for the 3 Librans. I think it is quite nice to hang out once in a while although most of us do keep in touch on a daily basis. I mean if you want to compare that we used to hang out practically every week back then! With family and kids; hanging out on a daily basis is a little challenging, moreover +Inda Malini is no longer staying in the East beast side of Singapore. Hur hur.

The 3 of us +Norashikin Ahmad+Inda Malini and I went way back since we were 18. We have come a long, long, way in a galaxy far away 16 years ago.  We have seen the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny, the irritating part of each other's life. We used to run to each other's places when we have family/BGR problems. Thanks for putting up with my 'ego' and I know what an ass I could be back then! Ha-ha. I have finally grown up my friends! I can now accept criticisms better. My brains have decided to finally settle down nicely in this thick, stubborn skull of mine. Mahaha. It is nice that even after some indifferences that occurred at one point in our life, we forgave and forgotten about it and quickly moved on. The bond is much stronger than ever. We help remind each other and are my listening ears. Reprimand and remind if we go wrong. Now, both of my sisters are in hijab. I must say I am very proud of their move.  Insyallah, one day I will join them.

Thank you Dora & Malim for accepting me for who I am as well as taking me as your step daughter. Hah.

Here's some photos bursting with joy and kids everywhere.




  1. Ya Allah, kau kenal Inda Malini too? She was my neighbour seyyy.....hahahhaa....but neighbour pon dulu jarang sekali jumpa! time we all can meet up & playdate & catch up deep deep kayyy?

    1. hahaha bloooooooooooood.

      come la you all to east side. *excuses*

  2. so fast 2 already eh! hehehhe to many many more celebrations!

    1. omg seriously i never see your comment. whahwhaw