Wednesday, 27 November 2013

3654 Days of Whoopedoo

On the 18 November 2013
Thank you for bearing and enduring 3654 days with me
10 years strong, what the hell we did it! 
(So fast?? Gawd I feel so old. NOT. My soul may be old but my spirit is raging like a sperm. Err. Cos you know being a sperm means you are still young and fresh and sticky. Bwahhawhawhawhaw
 Pats on back, hugs and kisses, molestations to us!

The husband dood came back a day shy of our 10 year anniversary together. We celebrated by whooping and cheering at midnight that we made it this far; by the corridor of our unit and admiring the full moon that night, like a couple of old people that we are. 

Celebrate it as a couple? Naaai. Our plus one had a share in this. 

Went to hunt for schools for Little Miss Drama but decide probably at a later stage sounds like a good idea (plus the school that was near our place looks so sad and err ghetto looking??)

We went to do our hair together with Little Miss Drama on my lap hah. My hair was oh so pretty (well, at least in my standard it is!) for 2 days before all hell broke loose and I look like a roadkill.

I went to see my psychiatrist the day (story later on about this AND about my slow and steady weight gain right after I recollect my brains) after and had a random hey let's catch a movie moment for me. It failed rather badly, again. Little Miss Drama screamed and got very restless as soon as the movie was about to start. 2nd failed attempt at going to the movies ey? Maybe I'll try a movie date with little miss at an older age then.

Went to Universal Studio the next day. The kid decided to go crazy on the carousel which left me rather sick in my stomach and got a headache as a result. Me and rides that go round and round are not best friends. She is still not of height to get on certain rides but we had fun draining our energy. Har har.


Had a late night supper over at a very close friend's (she is by far the hostess with the mostest!) in the west and decided to crash over because it was already too late to head back to the east, moreover it was raining pretty heavily and we just go lazy and oh, little miss kicked up a huge tantrum that night.  -_-

End of the week, we got a masseuse to come over help loosen up our tensed muscles/brains ha-ha. Badly needed that. My body was screaming for help before this. 

check em' out 
Called them up 2 hours beforehand and by 7pm; Sharon was at our doorstep to slap our body like pratas.

I have slacked on throwing surprises for birthdays and anniversaries. Now I am on my crazy random book a flight out of Singapore mode.

Smooth sailing relationship? Naaaaah. Not gonna fake it and paint a pretty picture. Imagine throwing in some dash of choppy waters, sprinkle a wee bit of bad weathers and shower some 'omg what happen! My wife has gone mental' while sailing that ship.

Alhamdulillah we survived.

So happyhappyjoyjoyous 10 years of being boyfriend-girlfriend, goddamit I love you Nongkie longlong time.


  1. Happy 10yrs & many many many more to come!! Yeehaaaa!

    1. weehooo insyaallah amin bismillah thank you!

  2. Tu masseuse very nice? How much?

    1. ello you! wa sua send the details! check, check it out.

  3. eh? they don't have designated 'mum and bubs' screening times on the evil isle issit? mesti ada punya. so common here. it's mostly early morning screenings where kids are free to scream, cry and throw hissy fits in the theatre. you'd probably have to watch some knn (g) rated flick, but better than nothing right? haHAhaha!!

    OH!! and happy 10 years anniversary you guys!!!! *throws confetti and rice
    yaaaaaay!!!! waah lama you dengan Nongkie. that's amaaazing. alhamdullilah, the next 10 years will be smooth, filled with many happier memories. you love birds look super cute together ya know? :)

    i've been back-reading your older entries and had my mind blown. my gawd. i suffer from depression too ya know? ni baru 3 bulan dah tak makan antidepressants (Zoloft) sebab nak bikin baby kan? i've also been struggling with my weight too!!!! seriously, you and me super simpatico.

    can't wait to read all about that trip to the doc. next time i'm back on the evil isle..... kita relak sama-sama nak? i'd really like that. "on" kay? will work something out when the date draws nearer!!

    1. allo skatergirrrrr~

      they have designated movie screenings for moms and bubs but i was on a random HEY LET'S GO TO THE MOVIE hahaha.

      ala you too kind la. i look ronyok already actually and gaining weight like nobody's business. thanks to the anti depressants lah! (i am on lexapro) like gaining weight itself is depressing siak! wth obat!

      see ar we both tak nampak macam we are depressed f**ks eh? wahhawhaw steady only. i cannot do the emo cry sad face ar, i seek solace in comedy ahahhaha.

      we homie ar babe. hahaha we same same like that. ON lah!

      ada chance i drag darya along if nongkie is not around haha.

  4. wah so go ahh... datang umah massage! Nak jugak! :) send details pls :)

    1. alooo tini. happenign! lagi if i really need it at the last minute badan nak pecah dua.

      nah website!