Monday, 11 November 2013

+960 Here I Go!

It was madness Sunday.

I was up and about since Saturday night due to some bug problem. Was so busy "sanitizing" the whole room and multitasking on entertaining the kid and fixing her food that I totally forgot that I had set a date with my mother in law!! How awful can that be!?? I feel so, so bad!! 

Today my back hurts, I am so tired and oh so sleepy.

Totally deserve this break ey?

Thank you husband for letting me go and understand this need for getting my brown ass out of the country on a frequent basis.

You are awesome, as always. 

ps: don't worry, i won't tear my passport and hide in some island with our child.

...not yet.

                 "where to hombre"


  1. aaawwwwwww!!!!! don't we have the best hubba bubbas in the world?? :D

    how to tear-up passport and hide on a tropical island like that? haHaha!! Darya's face so "mentel" in that first peekture. geram!!!!! nak gigit, gigit pipi dia :P

    1. thank god for awesome hubbas!

      hahahahaha ok tear up our hubba's passport as well. trick them into thinkin i am on vacay then tie him up and then tear up his... wah this is getting a lil' naughty. hahahaha