Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wordless Wednesday // Rainy Day, Stay In Day

The weather has been predictable lately. HOT HOT STORMY HOT HOT STORMY BRUTAL THUNDER ROARING. Not necessarily in that order.

I reckon it is very much wiser NOT to go for a ride.

Instead we decided to watch the puddles gather rain. Of course I sang that in the tune of Blind Melon's rain. Drama was pretty much freaked out about listening to the thunders and flashes of lightning. I remembered when she was just a wee one at a few weeks old, I would sit by the steps of my house and rock her to sleep. Now, try rocking a 2 year old who pretty much understands what's going on. Hah.

**Sidenote: Do you know Singapore has one of the highest lightning activity in the world? Yes now you do. There was one time I would sit outside and watch the lightnings chase each other across the sky. Pretty dramatic. I was in love. I love lightnings. They are pretty sexy. BUT of course I do not wish to be in the open ON a bicycle WITH my Darya.

There are limits to playing bad-ass. hur hur hur.

My Drama was disappointed that she couldn't go 'WALK WALK' and starts whining. (I still cannot deal with whininess. it's not cute)

So destruction at the corridor of my house it was. Pretty much unused so let me abuse it.

Eh, eh I am still a responsible neighbor hokay? I cleaned up after my own mess. At the same time, the kid learns how to be a responsible, sensible neighbor/kid/person.

A little game of hopscotch though methinks I got the tic-tac-toe mixed up. I drew on the floor with a chalk and ended up getting sneez-y and puffy eyes from the powder.  Painting with recycled sponges and tiny hands involved was messy (as long as it's not in the house mahahahha

Best part of the deal is hearing her screams and squeals of excitement.

My job here is done. 

Ok of course being a Mother, your job is never done. Of course I mean the job of stopping her be whiny is done, FOR THE DAY that is. ahahahha.


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